Ahad, 12 Ogos 2012

Please don't be like me..

reality sucks
that is what it is
we always find our way to make it all look alright..
but sometimes it is not right.
we go in different pathway...
to make it confortable with ourself..
we run in our own path.. we follow the true path as long it is confortable with us..
we divert our way when it is seem hard..
we also divert our way when it is not convenient with us..

We close our eyes ,our heart, our souls.
We pretend not to hear, we pretend not be heard.
because the truth is always bitter,
and the wrongdoing is always feel good..

because I am not strong enough..
I can said all those words above..
brothers and sisters..
please don't be like me..
it is some sort secular and deviant..
please not to be like me..

2 ulasan:

syafiqah azman berkata...

think back wut purpose kite kene timba pengalaman n belajar... =)

Aisy ~ berkata...

"Setiap anak Adam itu berdosa belaka dan sebaik-baik orang yang berdosa ialah yang memohon taubat (kepada Tuhannya)." (Riwayat At tirmizi (2499), Ibn majah (4251) dan Imam Ahamd (111/198)).

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