Khamis, 9 Oktober 2008



Back in Ramadhan, I went to visit my friend at UiTM Shah Alam.Actually, he invite me to have a iftar with him.He kindly willing to pick me up with his Honda Wave.Very kind of him.

Suddenly it actually an iftar of a business community that he joined, seem a little bit hard to be to blend with his comrade since I'm not really into this field.(pernah try tapi cam x leh gi ja)

So,we had a good iftar there,the food was fine.very good indeed.After that, I went to hang up and finally decide to spend a night him there.

Later, around 0100, I think,we decide to loafing at maple.With kind of cold climate,we chat.
suddenly I really impress with him.He actually a really optimistic and I have to say the most optimistic person I have ever recognized.He really positive in his live,his business and his thought.He seems not like a 18 years old boy. Man!! at this point, I realize that,we actually not recognize our own friends,and also our own self!!

Well,I know him about 5 years now,but I'm surprised that he is different than I thought.That make me think that I even not recognize my self.

So,do you know yourself?Do you really know who you are?

As for me,what I know that;
  • I'm just a middle-class student with some bad attitudes.
  • A child that hiding with big lies and full hypocrisy with his family.
  • A friend that value friendship.

That what I know about myself for now.There a still certain things that still undefined/unidentified with my self.

Am I really a good friends? Am I really good student? Am I liked by others? Do I suck?Do others fell good with me?

SO.........I want to ask you,DO you REALLY RECOGNIZE YOURSELF?especially to all my fellow bloggers...DO YOU?

Kindly, I hope you can left me comments and say what do you think about me...frankly,I really needed your help to identifies myself.

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Muhammad Affiq Ibn Kamaruzaman berkata...


emm... a verse flashing in my mind..

“It was impossible to connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”-steve job-apple computer's and PIXAR's CEO

apa aku paham.. kita akan knal diri diri bilamana kita menilai diri kita pd masa lalu, dan mengambil penilaian itu utk masa kehadapan

azLan =p berkata...

Dah lama aku x jmpe ko..
so xtau r cmne..hehe..

ade org bgatau aku:

"ko yg kontrol diri ko..bkn org lain..
so ko boleh jadi ape yg ko nak..hahaha.."

"Its in ur hand"...

MelodikaJiwaSepi berkata...

look in past??hmmm.....kne idup lamer lg kot...

Muhammad Affiq Ibn Kamaruzaman berkata...

it's haaarrrrrddddddddd!!!
-prof mas rosemal hakim


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